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Remarriage after 30 years

Updated: Feb 29

As we all know, our life’s journey can take unexpected turns so how about remarrying a previous spouse after 30 years of divorce? How much of a leap of faith is that? It’s a really big one to say the least but I think it’s also a beautiful affirmation of love and mature growth. It’s a chance to acknowledge the journey a couple have previously been on, to learn from past experiences and to look forward to a new future filled with love. A love that has inevitably stood the test of time!

Last month I had the extreme privilege of conducting the remarriage of a most wonderful couple, Crissy and Keith. They were first married when they were both in their teens and went on to have three beautiful daughters who latterly, produced five exceptional grandchildren. However life changed and different directions were taken but during their time apart, Crissy and Keith always remained friends. Then one day, fate, in all its wisdom, decided to take them both on yet another path. A path that no one could have ever imagined but to the delight of their family, and of course to themselves, their love rekindled.

The ceremony was an absolute joy to conduct. Fun and laughter filled the room and wide smiles, along with an abundance of kisses and hugs, ruled the day. Their daughters and grandchildren played a pivotal role in the ceremony from accompanying the groom down the aisle, to giving the bride away, to singing songs of love, to beautiful readings, to giving their blessings and vowing their support. Honestly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Even from me!

Crissy and Keith found their way back to one another and theirs really is the ultimate, full-circle, love story. And I just love love stories!

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