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I love synchronicity

Updated: Feb 6

Mercedes Celebrants

I love synchronicity, it shows up in our lives when we’re least expecting it. My life has undergone many changes these past few years – and I’m pleased to say, all for the good. From qualifying as a Wedding Celebrant with the FPC, to travelling more extensively post-covid and to my greatest joy, sharing my life with, whom I can only describe as the sweetest man. Two have become one. However life changes inevitably mean decisions have to be made regarding ‘practicalities’. In a nutshell, my partner and I decided that we should sell our respective cars, pool our resources and invest in a more economically viable, environmentally friendly vehicle. All well and good but my chosen mode of transport happened to be a wicked, Fire Opal Red convertible Mercedes Sports, with all the trimmings! Oh well, a commitment is a commitment so I duly listed said treasure and within 3 hours of placing my ad, I received a phone call from a very enthusiastic couple who wanted to come immediately for a test drive. They fell in love. We made a deal. Chat, chat chat, talk, talk, talk and it turns out that both ladies are local Wedding Celebrants. The registration of the car has the initials of one of the ladies with her year of birth. And if it couldn’t get any more insane, we discovered that one of their neighbours is the chap I bought my flat from….10 years ago. I love it!

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